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We receive several great questions through out the month from our members.  We would like to welcome you to our question of the month section! 


How many hours of initial training are required for a police service dog team?

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K9's Talking Scents

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Working Dog Radio

Improving K9 Risk & Liability with Knowledge!

We strive to provide you and your staff with knowledge to improve K9 risk and liability through our jurisdictional-specific police service and working dog law resource courses and members online Canine Legal Updates.

It is imperative for you and your staff to be armed with the knowledge which applies directly to you and your jurisdiction.  Police service and working dog operations vary widely between jurisdictions (local, state & federal circuits) due to differences in training philosophies, operational needs and most important the law.  PSD operations in New York are vastly different than in Illinois or California.  It is for this reason why we bring you the case law that will meet your needs. 

Our Canine Legal Update Seminars are tailored to your jurisdiction and emphasizes:

K9 Industry Standards

  • Training

  • Certification

  • State-specific

  • Discipline-specific

K9: Use of Force, Search & Seizure, Supervisor Liability case law

  • Supreme Court of the United States

  • YOUR Circuit for the United States Court of Appeals

  • YOUR State

  • YOUR Discipline(s)

Online Canine Legal Update Member Advantages:

$50.00 1-year Membership (Agency rate applies with 6 or more membership)

Comprehensive compilation of the newest and the oldest PSD case law including:

use of force, search & seizure, supervisor liability and discipline specific case law from

  • Supreme Court of the United States

  • United States Court of Appeals (All Circuits)

  • All 50 States

  • All K9 Discipline(s)

The most Comprehensive compilation of federal and state specific statutes and resources including:

use of force, search & seizure, supervisor liability and discipline specific related to PSD

Current and updated Police Service Dog News

Monthly electronic newsletter, containing updated federal and state PSD case law

Specific questions answered via email or phone 

Upcoming Seminars

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