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K9 Maintenance Training During COVID-19

Please follow your state and agency's guidelines pertaining to social distancing.  If your state and/or agency doesn't have orders or recommended guidelines, please at minimum follow the recommendations by the United State Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Although you may not be able to acquire 16-hours of "supervised" training with a qualified trainer due to the temporary suspension of trainings, you can surely meet 16-hours of training.


The industry standards require a minimum of 16-hours of maintenance training per month.  Those hours can be conducted/completed by the handler and supervised training is recommended as best practice periodically.


You may not be able to get all of your desired disciplines in, but you still should be able to make 16-hours.  Include blanks, set up time, obedience, tactical obedience, narcotic-contraband, tracking/trailing, article/evidence searches, outs with toys, recalls or stay in motion with toys, etc.


Be creative and document, document, document!  Document on your training reports this as COVID-19 so you will remember if questioned down the road.  Also, don't forget to document successes, failures and corrections.  If unable to correct make a note to correct with a qualified trainer when training comes back on line.

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